Turkish Girl Auto Stands Gone When Hear Indonesian Youth Chant Ayat Kursi | 1NEWS

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Her voice makes goosebumps

Not only the Turkish girl was dumbfounded, all netizens who watched and listened to the chanting of Ayat Kursi also got goosebumps.

Illustration© TikTok/@fikri_alfaqeerilarabbih

“Mashaallah, it’s fast in the heart until the goosebumps, bang,” wrote one netizen.

“I’m very happy to hear the Koran, masyaAllah,” said another netizen.

“Goosebumps,” said another.

“I’m more jealous of people who are eloquent and melodious when reading the Koran,” said another netizen on TikTok.

“Goosebumps seeing his expression,” said Ayub Umar.

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