Viral Hotel Parking Officer Makes Alphard Dent, Unexpected Owner’s Reaction

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A video showing the action of a hotel clerk who admitted to making a mistake after parking a guest’s car has gone viral on social media.

In a video uploaded by a Tiktok account, Thursday (9/9/2021), a hotel clerk was seen giving an explanation to one of the guests.

The video uploader, who is a hotel guest, said that the employee admitted that he had just crashed his Alphard car while parking.

As a result, the guest’s Alphard car was dented in the front.

Admit wrong

Allegedly out of fear, the hotel employee is said to be just pacing in front of the guest room of the car owner. Even so, the hotel employee finally got up the courage to admit his mistake.

“Hotel employees have been waiting for us outside the room, people are confused. Speaking frankly, after parking my car, I hit a barrier, which was hit by my alphard car which was dented in front,” the guest wrote in the video, quoted by, Friday (10/10). 9/2021).

Intend to compensate

As a form of responsibility for his actions, the hotel employee intends to pay compensation for the damage to the car with his personal money.

“People want to replace it with their personal money, because they don’t want to lose their job,” he continued.

Seeing hotel employees being honest, the car owner then gave up his car with a dent in the front. The car owner even asked the hotel employee not to pay compensation.

He advised the employee to be more careful when carrying out his duties.

“My husband said you don’t need to be replaced, it doesn’t matter what’s important next time, just be careful, even though Alphard was hit by it,” he concluded.

Netizens’ comments

Seeing the video, netizens then wrote various comments. Most of them said they were amazed by the kindness of the car owners and the courage of hotel employees to admit their mistakes and intend responsibility.

“Good prayers for both honesty and generosity, may it bring blessings to both of them,” commented one netizen.

“Always healthy and lots of sustenance miss… Very exemplary and really a role model,” said another netizen.

“O Allah, the heart is very angelic, healthy people are good, the sustenance is smooth,” said another netizen.

“Very patient,” said another netizen.

“Masha Allah good family,” commented one netizen.

“This means it’s not rich in cans, I hope the sustenance goes smoothly,” said another netizen.


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