When Other Children Are Busy Playing, This Little Brother Willing To Sell Cilok To Help The Family’s Economy – 1NEWS

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A boy as small as Darwin who was supposed to be taking online classes at home instead had to jump into the street selling cilok to help the family’s economy.

In the midst of the harshness of Solo, a video of Darwin pedaling his small cart to sell cilok has gone viral on social media.

Darwin’s story was uploaded by the Instagram account @thoric.idn, who claimed to have been slapped by the tenacity of a 6th grader who was struggling to help his family survive.

“Because of the family’s economic limitations, little Darwin has to struggle in the midst of the rigors of Solo. Roving, peddling Cilok,” wrote the account.

According to information, Darwin used to sell in the areas of POM Baron, Penumping, Paragon to Nongko Market in Solo City.

The account also says that Darwin traded alternately with his mother. Usually, he will sell during the day, while his mother will replace from afternoon until night. Meanwhile, his father works as a cleaning service.

Furthermore, the account also invites netizens who happen to be near or pass by at the location to help Darwin either set aside his sustenance or just buy his merchandise so that the child can focus on studying at home.

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