Without Dompleng Parents’ Names, These 7 Young Artists Have Successful Careers in the Entertainment Industry

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The more you come here, the more young artists whose faces begin to decorate Indonesian television screens. Whether in the world of acting or singing, they all strive to be successful in their careers in the entertainment industry. Not many know, it turns out that among many young artists today, there are those who pass down the talents of their parents who turn out to be senior artists or old Indonesian artists.

Reluctant to use their parents’ names to ‘boom’ their careers, they are actually famous for their acting and voice talents. Who do you think are young artists who are reluctant to use their parents’ names to advance their careers? Let’s take a look at the following reviews!

1. Glenca Chysara is famous for her role as Elsa in the soap opera ‘Ikatan Cinta’. Glenca is the daughter of Rudy Chysara and Indah Syla. His father was a famous rock musician in the 90s

Credit via IG @glencachysaraofficial

2. Aliando Syarief’s name began to skyrocket after he starred in the soap opera ‘Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala’. Apparently, Aliando is the son of Tengku Resi Revado and Syarief Alkatiri. The mother is a senior artist of the 80’s who has starred in several soap operas and FTV

Credit via IG @aliandooo

3. Marco Ivanos is the son of senior actor Fendy Pradana who is currently starring in the soap opera ‘Dari Jendela SMP’. Not only that, Marco is also a cousin of the beautiful singer Raisa Andriana lo~

Credit via IG @marcoivanos12

4. Leon Dozan is the son of senior actor Willy Dozan and senior singer Betharian Sonata. Leon and Willy have played in the same soap opera, ‘Tiger Man’

Credit via IG @leonrdozan

5. Ezra Mandira’s popularity is unquestionable. He is a guitarist from the band HiVi whose songs are closely related to young people. Not many know, it turns out that Ezra is the son of senior actress and singer Dina Mariana

Credit via IG @ezramandira

6. Sonny Septian, who is now the husband of Fairuz Arafiq, was also born into a family of actors. The mother is a senior actress named Waty Siregar and her sister Elma Theana who is also an Indonesian artist

Credit via IG @sonnyseptian

7. Lastly, there is the beautiful singer Raissa Anggiani who turns out to be the daughter of actor Rommy Sulastyo. Rommy is also the older brother of artist Annisa Tri Hapsari. Choosing a different field from her father, Raisa chose to pursue a career as a singer

Credit via IG @raissaanggiani

Now that’s a row of young Indonesian artists who are reluctant to use their parents’ fame to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. They choose to struggle and work on their own to be successful in the entertainment industry. Hello!


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