Writes Harassing Words on Female Idols, Producer Ryan Jhun Criticized | Kpop Chart

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One of the well-known K-Pop producers, Ryan Jhyun has recently drawn a lot of criticism from netizens.

His name became a hot conversation among Korean netizens after his post on the DC Gallery forum circulated on the internet.

In the post, producer Ryan Jhun wrote, “I think I’m suitable as a producer of boj-dol songs.”

Suddenly her writing drew a lot of criticism, because ‘boj-dol’ is a term that combines the words ‘vagina’ and ‘idol’. Many netizens criticized him because he was considered to have harassed female idols.

In response to the controversy, via his Twitter account on Saturday (11/09) producer Ryan Jhun apologized, “It turned out to be a bad word. I don’t know and the words are still written in the article, and this morning, our production team also looked up and told us what the words meant. I’ve also found it and deleted the post, and I will write one by one more carefully in the future. Sorry fans and thank you.”

Ryan Jhun is a producer who has made many songs for girl groups, such as Weekly, WJSN, Oh My Girl and many more. Not long ago he also released a collaboration song with LOONA entitled ‘Not Friends’.

In addition, currently Ryan Jhun is also preparing to debut a rookie girl group named bugAboo, whose two members are from the ‘Produce 48’ program. (1NEWS)

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