10 Signs You’re Sexier Than You Think

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While we often think about our appearance, we don’t really think about the true meaning of attractiveness itself, and what actually makes us look sexy to a potential partner. Surprise: it doesn’t look like a supermodel on a magazine cover! These are some of the qualities that enhance your attractiveness and give you an irresistible look.

1. You are naturally confident, but it’s not something you often think about or even realize. You don’t constantly wear a lot of make-up, or obsess over what other people think. That’s very sexy in itself.

2. You have a great sense of humor. Although the way a man hears is through his stomach, a sense of humor is also very important. If you’re a really cute girl, it can be contagious, and guys will approach you from all over.

3. You are humble. Humility is a sweet and sexy quality – now it becomes nothing more than a doormat. Modesty is when you do it, even if you are an established and amazing woman.

4. You always create a pleasant situation, even when you miss a step or in a depressed mood. You bring out the spirit in the midst of despair, and in doing so, brighten the lives of those around you.

5. You are not a playwright! There’s nothing quite like the drama-heavy scenario of making a guy start running in a different direction than you. Even the prettier models, when they start playing dramas, they become powerful male repellent

6. Treat the body like a temple. No matter what your body looks like, it is a huge sexual attraction for men. With your dedication to exercise and a healthy diet, it shows not only muscle but also motivation. Plus, exercise makes your skin glow.

7. You have curves! Slender young women are admired for their extremely thin bodies, but your sexy Kim Kardashian-style body has the advantage, making it above average, among the very skinny – Marylin Monroe type. Curvature is something to be proud of, not to be ashamed of.

8. You are a trendsetter, not just a follower. You’re not afraid to rock the world with something the rest of the herd hasn’t tried. Being a leader as opposed to a follower is an important aspect of the “things men find sexy” formula.

9. You show that you really care about him and take care of the people in your life. Being a caring person will naturally attract men to you and exhibit maternal instincts which, reinforces the idea that you will one day become an amazing mother. Always caring is sexy.

10. You are independent and make your own money! Even if you have the appearance you most desire, the inability to provide for yourself makes you appear weak and dependent. if a woman can meet her own needs, that’s a huge attraction for men.

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