10 Spectacular Galaxy Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2020

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Galaxy hair color has been around for quite some time, not just the last few years. To this day, we still love the idea of ​​turning our haircuts into hypnotic nebula colors, with elements of pink, purple, red, and pastel blue blending perfectly together. Yes, this trend will continue. Let’s explore the depths of space for some galactic color inspiration. After all, 2020 is almost here and the best way to celebrate it is to dye your hair in cosmic colors.

Mystery Blue

When you think of a galaxy’s hair color, the first thing that comes to mind is a combination of purple and blue gradations. The most important trick is to make the transitions as smooth as possible, so that the whole cosmic look looks effortless.

Sunset on Mars

You don’t have to venture too far into the depths of space for galaxy hair color inspiration – the planets in our Solar System are just as amazing! Just imagine what twilight will be like on the famous Red Planet, which may look like the times when it was enveloped in the ocean, just like the earth.

Universe Blue

Outer space is a quiet and cold place, filled with all kinds of blues and their gradations. Transform your hair into space dark matter waves and that new look will take everyone’s breath away.

Northern Sky Light

This highly mundane phenomenon is one of the most visually striking things you can see without venturing deep into space. You don’t have to go far from home to get this inspiring color scheme.

Cosmic Painting

The intense colors of this nebula look like a real oil painting, which is the creation of the Universe itself. Her pinks, purples and neon blues look dramatic on long hair!

Violet Mist

A starry violet haze shrouded in shades of pink and burgundy will never go out of fashion. That’s the Universal galaxy hair color trend!

Galactic Rainbow

Space may be a cold and uninteresting place, but the Universe really knows how to create joy with color! A galactic rainbow party full of stars and you can be a part of it.

Cosmic Blonde

When the color blonde shot into space – something beautiful appeared! The galactic colored strands look especially striking when paired with the ivory blonde.

Milky Way

Our own home galaxy is so amazing it is beyond words! Transform your strands into a spectacular Mily Way-inspired look, using different shades of blue.

Aurora Borealis

It’s never too late to add some neon green accents to the standard set of purple and blue galaxy colors. A bright color combination that always looks fresh and original.

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