12 Best Girlfriends/Wifes According to Zodiac (From Worst to Best)

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People use Zodiac Signs to direct many things in their lives – even when it comes to their life partner. These are the symbols that are felt to be very difficult to approach, to the most interesting ones.

1. Scorpio

Don’t be surprised by the crash of the owner of this emblem. They like to have control over their relationships – all of them. They’re very outspoken, so if you’re a sensitive person, he’s not the right lover to be with. They are not cruel, – just very realistic, and they have high standards. If you betray them, don’t expect forgiveness.

2. Virgo

Virgos are known to be somewhat critical of themselves – a lack of confidence can sometimes make it hard for Virgos to think they are good enough for their partner. Jealousy is a clear sign of possible danger to the owner of this sign and combined with their need for perfectionism, it can lead to some self-destructive behaviors.

3. Aries

The first date with an Aries can go well, and on the second they will bring their plants and ask for a table. In addition to this urge to move quickly, they like to have control over a situation. These two things are sometimes scary and a distraction for men. Even though they looked tough on the outside, they were soft on the inside, like caramel candy, but when they said something in a fight, it would definitely stab.

4. Taurus

Although the owner of this crest doesn’t like to play games, they are very independent and enjoy their life as it is, regardless of the presence of a romantic partner by their side. Don’t try to push them or slow them down, because a Taurus will do things at the exact tempo they want. If you are attracted to an independent and tough soul, a Taurus girl may be of value to you.

5. Cancer

This symbol of sympathy puts their heart on their sleeve, and encourages them to fall victim to manipulation in the relationship. This then leads to trust issues, which makes it difficult to build a relationship with them. You have to be patient with the owner of this symbol who wants love as much as he fears. A Cancer can sometimes choose their own path, when it comes to what can be a successful relationship.

6. Leo

Owners of this emblem watch too many romantic comedies and their expectations can be… very unrealistic, at least. They are attracted to delinquents who don’t want to put in the effort, and much of their frustration comes from giving and not receiving too much. Although confident, his decision-making skills are not the best.

7. Aquarius

Owners of this moderate crest are usually quirky, but they’re not the worst boyfriends. They are smart, unique and a lover of intellectual thoughts. It’s hard to earn their loyalty, but they will stay loyal at all costs. They often see flaws as positive and can overwhelm you with love, while their narcissism can cloud relationships. If you have patience with an Aquarius, you will reap the benefits.

8. Gemini

Ah, the Jackal and Hyde of the Zodiac Signs. A Gemini woman has two distinct sides – on the one hand she is a “social butterfly” who tends to be friendly, and on the other hand, she is more dark and aloof. They may try to hide this side out of romantic need, but their trust and loyalty make it worse. They love completely but often show a tough face.

9. Libra

A Libra will always value balance, avoiding conflict sometimes to the point of unhealthy situations. You may have to go to therapy with a Libra, as they are used to hiding problems rather than just talking about them. They can be very charming and sociable, which could be interpreted as too flirty by a romantic partner. If you’re always jealous, dating a Libra is going to be a mess.

10. Capricorn

Although this “little princess” can be a bit stubborn and domineering, she always helps her partner move forward, but instead wishes them the best when around her. He always stands up for his girlfriends (even when they are not around him) but sometimes becomes hard to understand and a little cautious. If you have won her heart, see yourself as a rare item.

11. Sagittarius

This symbol can be his own worst enemy in terms of judgment – ​​about himself. He puts his needs aside, which is sometimes not the best thing to do. However, he is always passionate and never bored. He will love you very much and think deeply about everything he cares about.

12. Pisces

Owners of this sign are shy, making them difficult to approach romantically. You may be intrigued by this mystery, and once you gain some of their trust, they will become your number one fan and cheerleader. They have a way of going deep into people’s hearts, regardless of what they say and do. They are sensitive and able to read energy, and rarely get into fights.

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