14-Year-Old Sister Helps Parents Sell Cakes Willing to Travel Around from Dawn, All To Help Her Parents Make Money – 1NEWS

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The story of a 14-year-old boy who helps his parents by selling cakes is viral on social media. Instead of online schooling, he earns a living from dawn to dusk.

His name is Muhammad Haiqal, a boy from South Kalimantan who is willing to sacrifice his youth to help the family’s economy by selling cakes around on his bicycle.

“When a child his age feels the fun of playing with his friends or the excitement of playing with gadgets, he even has to sweat to survive,” wrote Rahmadi, the uploader of the moment on Instagram.

According to information from Rahmadi, Haiqal and his parents rented a contract at Gang Hijrah, Kitun. Before the pandemic, his father had worked as a construction worker. However, since this pandemic, his father is no longer working.

To make a living, Haiqal also works to help his parents by selling cakes around. Several times, Haiqal had passed in front of Rahmadi’s shop at around 10 pm.

While preparing cakes for Rahmadi, the innocent boy told me that he used to leave at 4 am to sell cakes.

“Haiqal’s persistence at work may not be what he expected. Because his dream is to have a cellphone, whether it’s any cellphone, it hasn’t come true,” said Rahmadi.

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