5 Interesting Facts about Oh Ji Ho, from Cameos to Starring in Many Famous Dramas

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ACCURATE.CO In the middle of being in the spotlight, now the name of actor Oh Ji Ho is becoming a public conversation. He is a talented Korean actor who was born in Mokpo on April 14, 1976. Oh Ji Ho has been in the acting world by making cameos since 1988.

Curious about what Oh Ji Ho’s figure is currently being discussed by the public? Check out 5 interesting facts, as compiled by 1NEWS from various sources as follows:

1. Moved to Seoul to focus on the world of acting

Actor Oh Ji Ho had taken an e-Business Management course at Anyang Industrial Technical School, but he failed to complete it. Then he decided to move to Seoul City to pursue a career as an actor. Starting from being an advertising model, to running an extra role in the film Kka (Naked Being).

2. Married in 2014

After his name became known to the public as an actor, Oh Ji Ho decided to settle down by marrying Eun Bo Ah in 2014. From this marriage he was blessed with a cute daughter, Oh Seo Heun, who is also famous in the series The Return of Superman.

3. Some of the famous dramas he has acted in

His name has become increasingly popular since starring in several successful dramas, namely, The Slaves Hunter, The Queen of The Office, My Fair Lady, Couple or Trouble which he starred with Han Ye-Seul.

4. Starred in many successful films

His perseverance in the world of acting is also shown in the films he starred in, including A History of Jelousy (2019), The Nightmare (2020), The Prisoner (2020) and The Fisherman Bar (2020). Through the films he has acted in, it can be seen that the skill of actor Oh Ji Ho is unquestionable.

5. Received many awards for his success as an actor

Thanks to his successful roles in various dramas, Oh Ji Ho was successfully recognized by the public and received many awards, namely the Popularity Award by the MBC Drama Awards in 2006, the Korean Culture and Entertainment Award, and the Excellence Award for Actor in a Miniseries in 2013.

Those are interesting facts about the talented actor Oh Ji Ho reported from various sources.[]


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