5 Mistakes in Caring for Hair that Often Don’t Know

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1NEWS – Who doesn’t want hair Beautiful? Every woman desires beautiful hair. However, sometimes without realizing it, the way we care for our hair is often wrong. So that slowly without realizing it, the beauty of the hair fades.

Some of the problems include using the wrong shampoo or not being careful in using hair care products.

Actually, the factor of failing to have beautiful and shiny hair is not only from shampoo. It could be from how to use the wrong product, the order of use hair care wrong, so that it is not appropriate to use hair tools. Here are some trivial mistakes that are often not realized.

1. Using the wrong comb

Although trivial, the use of the wrong comb is very influential on the hair. When combing hair the right time is after the hair is half dry. Many people do it while it’s still wet.

In fact, when hair when wet, the hair swells up which is very susceptible to breakage. The combing period is also timed, it is expected to comb once a day. This is done so that your hair is not easily damaged and falls out quickly.

In addition, using the wrong comb shape is also important for hair loss. The right form of comb is a comb that has gaps between it. When combing, start from the lower ends of the hair. After the ends of the hair are not tangled, just comb the hair from the roots to the hair shaft.


2. Rubbing the hair with a rough towel

The phase of people when shampooing is usually shampooing, rinsing, and using a towel to dry hair faster. There is nothing wrong with that method. However, most people when drying hair use by rubbing a towel on the hair.

The rough texture of the towel will only make your hair shaft more brittle. Another thing that goes wrong is squeezing the hair with a towel that is too hard. When hair is wet, it needs to breathe. The most appropriate way when you want to dry your hair is with natural wind without hair dryer.

3. Skipping vitamins/serum

Vitamins are very important for nourishing hair. Conditioner just not enough for those of you who want thick and healthy hair like a shampoo model. The content contained in vitamins, can facilitate and help damaged hair.

Using vitamins or serum also can not be arbitrary. Apply vitamins on the lower ends of the hair and avoid using vitamins on the scalp, it will only make your hair limp quickly.

4. Rough shampooing movements

Washing hair or shampooing is mandatory every two days that people do. However, in addition to using products that are not suitable, the wrong shampooing motion also causes damage to the hair.

Even though it looks easy, when washing your hair you have to know the right steps and things to repair your damaged hair. Gently massage the scalp, trying not to scratch the scalp when shampooing. Massaging the scalp is better for improving blood circulation than scratching it roughly.

5. Avoid tying your hair too often

Who doesn’t feel at home because it’s hot with hair decomposed? Often we tie it to make it more concise and more cool. But it turns out, too often tie your hair will make your hair break easily. In addition to breaking, the hair will quickly be damaged and tangled. So, avoid frequent tying of hair if it is not absolutely necessary. Use tools styling which are safer such as hair clips, bandanas, and much more.

Writer Alivia Sekar Firnanda

Editor Hutapea Binsar


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