7 Reasons To Like Selena Gomez

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Selena is a beautiful, talented and popular figure and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know her. Selena’s fans really admire her and they have a lot of reasons for her. This girl is a hard worker, she is a musician, actress and businesswoman at the same time. But he stays humble and simple and actually he likes being different in this crazy world of celeb drama. Just seeing one interview from him will be reason enough for you to fall in love with this awesome figure. But if you need more persuasion – Here are some reasons to like Selena Gomez.

1. He Really Values ​​His Fans

While many celebrities as big and famous as Selena see their fans as “freebies”, Selena truly cares about her fans and feels emotionally connected to them. They were the reason he kept doing what he had been doing. In one interview, he was asked to watch a video of his fans’ reactions and he burst into tears because he was so touched by the fact that they loved him so much and cared about him so much.

2. He’s a Loyal Friend

He seems to have been good friends with Taylor Swift from the start of his career and has stayed true to his friends through hardships and pleasures. Taylor has been involved in several scandals and conflicts with other celebs, but when it comes to Selena Gomez – that bond is unbreakable. It’s great to find that, even in the quirky world of show business, Selena remains honest and takes friendship seriously.

3. He’s Humble

Not only was he modest by celebrity standards, but he was also just an ordinary human being. He is the same as us. He comes from a humble background and barely changes. He still likes the same favorite foods as we do and he eats at the same restaurants we go to. He likes Chilly, he likes McDonald’s and he also likes Chick-fil-a (a variety of fast food restaurants in America). In fact, she once revealed that eating expensive food was a struggle for her and she had to learn to do it.

4. She’s a Classy Woman

He respects other people and their opinions and never makes superficial judgments about them. At one point she was asked about a new and rising artist she liked and Selena said: “She doesn’t like me, but she is Lorde”. Previously, Lorde had thought that one of Selena’s songs contained anti-feminist lyrics and she did not hesitate to share it with the public. And while Selena may have been disappointed by that misinterpretation or misunderstanding, she chose not to have any prejudice against Lorde and still supports Lorde for believing in her. Selena said “I will support Lorde whether she likes me or not, because I think she is doing a great job. One day, I will meet him and we will have fun.”

5. He’s a Unicef ​​Ambassador

He became a Unicef ​​Ambassador for his contributions to the Disney Channel. He has worked with this organization since he was 17 years old and truly believes in what they stand for. This is all because he loves traveling and seeing firsthand the good things that Unicef ​​has created for the world. So for these 10 years, he has tried to do his best for and with Unicef ​​to the maximum extent possible.

6. He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

Despite having more than 160 followers on Instagram, he only posts stupid selfies or pictures of himself enjoying the simple pleasures of life – like eating a plate of pasta. He was never someone to drop a stupid argument in an interview and was always looking for fun.

7. She’s Not Afraid Of Being Vulnerable

He opened himself up to his fans and the world really understands his struggles. He suffers from lupus which is an autoimmune disease. She leads a stressful life and also struggles with depression. But he is able to share this with his fans without asking for mercy, which means keeping his honor and just hoping for some understanding when he needs a little time to take care of himself. And Selena’s fans appreciate her honesty and love her even more for it.

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