A Unique Way to Celebrate a Family or Friends Birthday during the PPKM Period

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1NEWS – I feel sad when I hear that PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities) is continuously being extended. With this rule, many important events or events in our lives are simply passed.

Every year, surely humans always get older and with this age increase it is often celebrated. Whether it’s celebrated by family, friends or friends, even coworkers at the office. But with rules organized by the government during this pandemic, our space for movement is increasingly limited to carry out the celebration.

No need to worry, this birthday celebration can still be done lively. You only have Google Meet or Zoom and make background creative and unique in the theme of the celebration. When you have made this, you also need to arrange what activities to do during this virtual celebration.

You can start from singing birthday songs for those who are celebrating it, making quizzes or guessing about your friendship with him, playing favorite songs and singing together, giving prayers and gratitude in turn and you can eat together to keep building harmony. friendship.

To add a sweet touch, you can also send him a gift he likes or something he needs. If you have budget which is limited, you can make a series of greeting videos from various circles of your friendship. In addition, you can also make videos of your friends’ development and growth transformations. To make it more festive and feel the atmosphere of a birthday in celebration, choose dress code clothes to wear. Of course in the selection dress code this should be discussed beforehand so that there is no misunderstanding.

Remember, this statement is a secret from your friend whose birthday is often called surprise. This event looks simple but is able to increase closeness to each other so that they can be grateful for everything in this life.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s try and arrange this birthday celebration well. Guaranteed your friends will be happy and happy.


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