Again, Britney Spears Posts Almost Naked Videos: This Is Really My Ass

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1NEWSBritney Spears share her sexy videos on Instagram. In the video he uploaded, the “Toxic” singer was almost naked because he was only wearing a black thong. Britney who turned her back to the camera seemed to show off a sensual sway. He was also seen holding her breasts while dancing. In another shake, Britney put her hands behind her neck.

Turns out there’s a reason Britney share the video made in his bathroom. He wants to show his ass to his followers on Instagram.

“Here’s a video so you guys can see that this is really my ass. No filter or cover up… this is the real thing!!!!” Britney wrote last Friday.

“Psss I take pictures of myself using selfie stick and (selfie stick) will always… STAY… CAN’T COMPLAIN … and VERY TRUSTWORTHY,” he wrote again.

The video received different reactions from fans. There are those who like the post, but there are also those who regret it.

“This is his prerogative,” commented one netizen. Another agreed and wrote, “The Queen is comfortable in her own body.”

Temporary followers Britney others expressed concern. “I support women doing what they want with their bodies, but there’s something worrisome about this post.”

“My heart breaks to see it! What’s going on?” said another netizen.

Over the past few months, the singer who emerged through the song “Oops!… I Did It Again” has made a lot of half-naked content posted on her Instagram. It also sparked concern among Britney fans.


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