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Tanda-tanda belum dewasa secara emosional

1NEWS – Age does not guarantee a person’s maturity. Because age is not an indicator of emotional maturity. Even mature people can get angry easily, often sulk and act impatiently. This is due to the upbringing and learning process since childhood, which forms a person’s emotionally immature.

When a child lacks support from parents, is never validated or accepted, or is always blamed. Eventually, this becomes an emotional problem and develops as an adult.

Even so, that does not mean you are free to label someone as having a low level of maturity. To find out if someone is emotionally immature, here are the signs: clickdoctor.

Often self-centered

The first characteristic of an emotionally immature person is that they are often self-centered or only self-centered, so they do not accept the views or judgments of others.

Whenever given a comment or suggestion, they do not want to hear or accept it. This makes people around him lazy to give opinions or advice.


The second characteristic is that they are often defensive or do not admit fault for what has been done. For example, you complain about his attitude that always forgets the obligation to take out the trash. But instead of admitting it, they answered “Why do I keep getting blamed?”

Not responsible

They are not responsible for their actions. Instead of being tactful or admitting mistakes, they will blame others or circumstances beyond their control.

For example, they accidentally spill food. Instead of apologizing, they’ll just say, “Oh, I didn’t drop the food on purpose. Time for me to clean up?”.

Avoiding the problem or not solving it

In a relationship, moments of disagreement are common. While emotionally immature people, usually choose to avoid problems and not solve them.

They often put off difficult conversations because they can’t understand their own feelings, or find it difficult to deal with the problem. They will explore the surface of the problem topic without revealing much.

People with low emotional maturity will also be reluctant to discuss it in depth. They will also find many reasons not to discuss it.

Happy to control people

Someone who is not emotionally mature often controls people. They love to know everything that is going on with the people around them. When not notified, they will nag or even cause trouble. However, not everything has to be known.

Troubled in commitment

Talking about the future can be scary for someone who is not emotionally mature. They will avoid planning things with their partner for fear of limiting their freedom.

Words as weapons

Emotionally immature couples are usually difficult to control and get angry easily. Whatever is felt will be immediately expressed or be impulsive.

As a result, they will deliberately use words to hurt because they are upset. Emotions that are difficult to control keep them from filtering what they want to say.

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