Asked about the existence of ‘Mr P’, Millen Cyrus said this!

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Asked about the existence of 'Mr P', Millen Cyrus said this!

Millen Cyrus. (Instagram/millencyrus)

Millen Cyrus recently opened up about her decision to become transgender. Starting from the recognition of the part of his body which was operated on to admitting that he did not want to remove the male genitalia.

He also revealed this fact to Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah on a YouTube show entitled ‘Millen Mau Titip Sp#rma, Atta Aurel Surprised’.

“What parts of Milen’s body have been operated on?” asked Aurel?

“Buttocks like camel bones,” said Millen

Next, Atta Halilintar also asked whether Millen had decided to have sex surgery or not.

“But the one who stuck it is still there?” asked Atta.

“Nengsol is still there,” replied Millen.

And it won’t be removed?,” said Aurel.

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“I don’t want to remove the nengsol (male genitals) because it brings blessings,” he said.


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