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The Importance of eSports Education

Head of Brand Marketing Mobile Premier League Indonesia Layla Safira Andarmawanti said that the selection of Baim Wong as a brand ambassador was due to his great interest in mobile eSports. The popularity factor is also a consideration.

“As a public figure, Baim is very popular among all levels of Indonesian society from various backgrounds, and has a great interest in mobile eSports that prioritizes sportsmanship and expertise in competing,” said Layla, Thursday, August 5, 2021.

Layla further explained that her party saw a positive trend in the development of mobile eSports in the last few years. Education about playing mobile games competitively, fairly, and safely is indispensable.

Based on data from the Indonesia eSports Premier League (IESPL) in 2021, Indonesia is ranked 12th as the world’s gaming market, with a total of 62.1 million active game players.

Even in the pre-pandemic period in 2019, the country’s gaming industry had generated USD 1.04 billion.

This data reflects the increasing popularity of eSports in Indonesia which is an opportunity for mobile eSport industry players to jointly encourage Indonesia’s creative industry.

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