BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s mother cries watching her daughter’s video clip during her solo debut

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Lisa in the MV 'Lalisa' (Screenshot from Youtube Blackpink MV 'Lalisa')

1NEWS – BLACKPINK’s Lisa made her debut as a soloist on Friday (10/09/21). He released the MV for the title track LALISA on the same day.

Recently, the BLACKPINK rapper family looked enthusiastic when they saw LALISA’s music video for the first time. The moment was shown by a Thai beauty influencer, Koi Onusa who is a relative of Lisa.

Lisa in the MV ‘Lalisa’ (Screenshot from Youtube Blackpink MV ‘Lalisa’)

Lisa’s father and mother were seen with other relatives gathered in the family room. When watching LALISA’s video clip, they looked excited, including the mother.

Lisa’s mother, who was wearing a cream-colored dress, repeatedly rubbed her hands because she got goosebumps seeing her daughter’s appearance in LALISA’s video clip.

BLACKPINK Lisa's Family (
BLACKPINK Lisa’s Family (

What attracted attention was Lisa’s mother’s reaction to tears before the song ended. He was touched to see his daughter’s success to become a big star.

“I feel goosebumps. All the songs give me goosebumps,” the mother says as the video ends.

Unlike the case with the mother, Lisa BLACKPINK’s father actually looks focused on watching his daughter’s video clip without expression.

BLACKPINK Lisa's Family (
BLACKPINK Lisa’s Family (

Netizens immediately flooded the comments column for the video uploaded on Koi Onusa’s YouTube channel.

“It’s nice to see Lisa’s family together,” concluded the netizen. “Her mother must be very proud, but her father looks flat. Isn’t he happy that his daughter is a star?” wrote netizens. “Hahaha, I’m amazed to see her father who is so flat when he sees Lisa’s video clip,” said another.


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