CR7’s Mother’s Tears, Watching Her Son Score a Goal for Man United in the First Match

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“The emotional bond between mother and child cannot lie.”

1NEWS – When Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Newcastle, everything looked beautiful to the Red Devils fans, whether in the stands at Old Trafford or in front of television screens, or anywhere else.

They smiled widely, cheered, and so on. Slightly different from most fans, everything seemed too much for Maria Dolores Aveiro, the 66-year-old woman was seen crying after her biological son hit the ball into Freddie Woodman’s goal.

Was Not Allowed To Watch

10 Photos of Anna Lewandowska, Wife of Robert Lewandowski Black Belt Holder Karate

Dolores’ emotional bond with Cristiano Ronaldo is unquestionable. After his father died, Ronaldo’s love for his mother grew bigger and stronger, and vice versa.

Despite the success and splendor of life he feels, Ronaldo is still a child of a Portuguese woman as she is.

For understandable reasons, Ronaldo had forbidden his mother to travel let alone watch him compete because Ronaldo was very worried, one day Ronaldo said to his mother,

“Look, I don’t have a dad anymore. I don’t want to lose my mom either, so you won’t be watching the quarter-finals, semi-finals or finals.”

So what is the real thing that hinders Ronaldo?

“My mother fainted twice in the stadium. She was nervous.” Ronaldo said to Piers Morgan.

But it seems Ronaldo forgot that the match with Newcastle was not a semi-final or final match as he intended, so Ronaldo’s mother was determined to still fly to Manchester, and sit comfortably in the Theater of Dreams.

Dolores was also not what Ronaldo had feared, she didn’t faint, she was just filled with an unbearable feeling of emotion. She cries.

With the 36-year-old’s two goals scored in each half, it means Ronaldo has played a major role in ensuring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side have won three of their first four Premier League games this season.

A perfect start for Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Manchester United is still at the top of the standings with 10 points.

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