Delivering Wife’s Body to the Cemetery Wearing Bridal Dress, Only Married 4 Months, This Man’s Story Makes Warganet Flood Tears

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Recently circulated a viral story of a newlywed couple who had just married four months ago. While being a newlywed, the husband is shocked to be left by his wife forever.

The husband took his wife to her final resting place wearing a wedding dress. Launching from Tribun Style, this story was shared by Hassanudeen Undingz Killerz’s Facebook account.

The account belongs to her husband, a man from Malaysia who is familiarly called Hassan.

Quoted from, it was told that his wife had experienced a critical period before finally passing away on August 27, 2021.

During the funeral procession, Hassan wore a wedding dress when he married a woman named Fatimah Binti Ismail.

After the funeral, Hassan seemed to pour his sadness on social media. He seemed to upload his wedding photo with Fatimah. Through writing, he delivered a heart-wrenching message to his wife.

“For this birth and so on, you are still my wife Fatimah Ismil. Forgive my sins. Wait for me there. I’ll see you for sure baby,” Hassan wrote.

Not to forget, he parsed a prayer for his late wife. “Hopefully this Friday, it will be placed among the pious. Life and death I always miss and love you dear, “he said.

Not to forget, he remembers the date of the wedding until the end of his wife’s life.

ÔÇťApril 12, 2021: in a beautiful white dress I marry you dear

August 27, 2021: shrouded in white cloth you leave me dear

Know that I accompany you in our wedding clothes so that you will know forever Fatimah Bint Ismail is my angel,” wrote Hassan.


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