Doctor Dina’s Tips for Men Who Have Been Out 1 Minute…

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1NEWS – Doctor Dina Oktaviani does not deny that a man who immediately comes out when he just ahem-ehem can irritate women.

According to Doctor Dina, this situation can cause men and women to fail to get a quality relationship in bed.

“It’s only been a minute (the man) has come out. Maybe his wife has just warmed up,” said Doctor Dina in a video on the Gue Sehat YouTube channel which was uploaded on June 30, 2021.

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Doctor Dina explained, the man who quickly came out had to find out the cause.

“Premature ejaculation can be temporary if it is influenced by psychological factors,” said Doctor Dina.

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According to Doctor Dina, men can do ehem-ehem activities if psychological factors have been overcome.

So what are the tips for men who have been out for a while even though they’ve only been with their partner for a while?

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Doctor Dina explained that men should consult a doctor or psychologist if the cause of the quick discharge is stress or excessive anxiety.


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