Don’t Be Underestimated! This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Have A Hurry Breakfast!

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Don't Be Underestimated!  This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Have A Hurry Breakfast!

Illustration of breakfast menu. (Unsplash/Heather Ford)

beauty, Breakfast has an important role for your body so that the body has energy for activities. But remember, beauty, At breakfast, you can’t be in a hurry.

Based on the review of dr. Fadhli Rizal Makarim on the page clickdoctor, There are several things that might happen if you eat breakfast early or in a hurry. Anything?

Cause Obesity

According to dr. Fadhil, usually, several people will eat breakfast while reading newspapers, looking at cell phones, or watching television.

This routine will make you unknowingly eat too fast, so you can eat up quickly and don’t feel full yet.

Of course, you will eat again aka overeating and eventually lead to obesity, Hey Beauty!

Digestion Becomes Weaker

The next effect that may occur if you eat breakfast too quickly is weakened digestion.

Usually, people who eat quickly will swallow large food or feed rice in a large enough portion of a spoon and do not mash or chew well.

Not infrequently, mineral water or carbonated drinks are the driving force so that food is easily swallowed. This will lead to weakened digestion or the occurrence of indigestion.

Insulin Resistance Occurs

And lastly, the risk that occurs if you eat breakfast too quickly is the possibility that it will cause a spike in blood sugar.

Well, this condition can lead to insulin resistance which if left unchecked, you can be at risk of developing diabetes. Whoops!

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So, beauty, you better enjoy your breakfast, yes! If you really don’t have time for breakfast, instead of eating in a hurry, just bring your breakfast to eat at the office. I hope the information is useful!


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