Duh Pak Anies, wet shoes because they fell into the water, instead of flip-flops they broke up

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1NEWS, Anies Baswedan’s visit to the South Tugu Village, Koja, North Jakarta, Saturday, September 11, 2021, will likely never be forgotten.

Because of that, during that visit, the Governor of DKI fell into a drain. Because his shoes were wet and dirty, Anies replaced them with flip-flops.

The excitement of the trip to the South Tugu was told by Anies himself. Anies came there to review the Covid-19 vaccination at the Tanah Merah Vaccination Center.

“The trip was fun at the Tanah Merah Vaccination Center. I fell into the drain, changed flip-flops,” said Anies on the Twitter account @aniesbaswedan.

The fun continues. Anies told the unexpected incident again. The strap of the sandal he was wearing was broken.

“I had to work until I got borrowed shoes,”

After the incident, Anies continued to attend the vaccination program held by Bamus Betawi in Kemayoran. There, Anies was greeted by a number of Bamus officials. Mpok Ache Nurseha, Chairwoman of Betawi Hebat, participated in the vaccination.

Video footage showing the moment Anies fell into a sewer has been widely circulated on social media. In the video, Anies is seen being greeted by residents at an event. Anies was escorted by the Satpol PP. Enthusiastic residents called Anies’ name.

Anies, who was wearing a white shirt and vest, was seen walking while looking and waving at the residents. Instantly, Anies’ right leg fell into the ditch, causing his body to fall.

The officer beside him was alert and quickly helped Anies to stand back up. Several residents were heard screaming.

The incident occurred when Anies walked towards the Covid-19 vaccination site at the Wisma Puli Building, Koja.

“It happened when (Anies Baswedan) had just arrived, greeting the residents,” said Koja sub-district head Ade Himawan.

According to him, at that time Anies was really happy to see the enthusiasm of the people in participating in vaccination. Luckily, Anies didn’t mind in the incident.

“Yes (it’s okay). Yes, he is so proud of the people who are enthusiastic about the implementation of the vaccine,” said Ade confirmed by the media.[]


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