Emma Ruth Rundle Releases MV ‘Return’ From New Album “Engine Of Hell”

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Emma Ruth Rundle Releases MV 'Return' Dari "Engine Of Hell", The Somber 4th Album

Posted on: 09/12/21 at 2:00 pm

Emma Ruth Rundle (Photo: Mason Rose).

Emma Ruth Rundle has announced his fourth solo album, Engine of Hell, and launched the MV (Music Video) for single main, ‘Return’. The new album will be released on November 5, 2021 through Sargent House.

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‘Return’, which opens the upcoming album, is a minimalist but striking ballad. Only featuring a somber piano tinkling accompanying Rundle’s vocals. This song presents complete emotional transparency, without the overdub. Every inflection of Rundle’s vocal performance can be heard very clearly.

View album cover Engine of Hell below which features photography by George Clarke, vocalist of Deafheaven.

Emma Ruth Rundle - Engine of Hell album cover.
Album cover Engine of Hell.

Engine of Hell Tracklists:
01. Return
02. Blooms of Oblivion
03. Body
04. The Company
05. Dancing Man
06. Razor’s Edge
07. Citadel
08. In My Afterlife

Emma Ruth Rundle Self-Directed ‘Return’ MV

Rundle also directed the song’s black-and-white MV, which was inspired by the Wim Wenders classic, Wings of Desire. Singing straight to the camera, Rundle matches the song’s solitary atmosphere with an equally intimate and dramatic MV.

“An existential examination,” Rundle said of the song in a press release. “A heartbreak poem. Trying to quantify something definite about or amplify its concrete meaning defeats the purpose of making art. I’m not a writer. I make music and pictures to express things that my words cannot convey or express.”

Regarding the MV, Rundle was a bit more open, explaining that he has distanced himself from music since finishing recording Engine of Hell. The dances and movements choreographed in the MV are the result of his latest explorations in ballet, film, and other art forms.

“I’ve been studying ballet and practicing expression through movement, which I’ve included in the video,” says Rundle. “I choreographed dances for the song, some of which you saw. The snippet it displays. Since finishing Engine of Hell, I drifted away from music and turned to things like dancing, painting, and working on ideas for videos or small films. ‘Return’ is the result of his efforts”.

The End Album Of An Era

Engine of Hell is Rundle’s 2020 follow-up with the sludge metal band Thou, May Our Chambers Be Full. As heard in ‘Return’, the upcoming album focuses on the piano: an instrument that Rundle “left in his early 20s” when he started playing in bands.

“For me, this album is the end of an era, the end of a decade of recording albums,” said Rundle. “Things do have to change and have changed for me since I finished recording it.”

The inspiration for the album seems to be none other than Rundle’s divorce from Jaye Jayle vocalist Evan Patterson which was finally resolved after nine months.

“I am legally an unmarried person and am no longer ‘related’ to the ‘action’,” she wrote on Twitter announcing her divorce. “Let it be known thus”.

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If you like Emma Ruth Rundle’s work, you can pre order album Engine of Hell through Sargent House. Enjoy listening to the haunting ‘Return’ MV below.

Author, Translator & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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