Fashionable Selfie Themed Amazing Toddler Activities

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When you first hear the word “selfie”, you probably think of a group of girls getting together for brunch. But one unknown figure named Ainini Redefining selfies and making them more interesting than ever. Oh, the pans are very small, and often covered by cell phones.

We can’t get over the over-the-top cuteness of his cute personality. Here her well-organized fashion look consists of a pink dress with a wavy skirt and a transparent apron that makes her look like a character in a movie.

Here, he documents a different look with overalls and a yellow sweater inside. We love the whole look which is very vintage and timeless, and still fits perfectly in 2019.

Now, Ainini is getting ready to go to the beach and showing some of her signature mischief on her mother while trying on a light blue dress with long sleeves and sunglasses, which makes her look like a high-class celebrity.

We’ve seen a lot of Californian bohemian girls with this look, but we think Ainini is the best. I mean, that selection of socks and hairpins, paired with the most comfortable outfit ever? Include us.

Ainini is a fashion icon on the internet for those who are decades older than her – her fashion style is not too pushy, but reflects elegance in simplicity in a way that is sophisticated but emphasizes the freedom of childhood.

This orange beanie is everything! In this post, Ainini tries to describe her love for comfortable superiors and subordinates in the caption, but we never doubt it – #comfortovereverything

This little angel has melted our hearts once again, this time with a coat that transforms him into the cutest “little Benjamin Button” you will ever see. This coat looks like the most comfortable outdoor wear option for traveling ever. is obsessed with polka dots and he has no qualms about showing the world. This classic, kid-friendly pattern is paired with a yellow striped sweater-vest, for a completely unique look.

Ainini was happy to show her legs! Once again, the “doll’s legs” are complemented by metallic overalls, long sleeved t-shirts. That asymmetrical pocket detail gives us outfit inspiration for days.

Black Swan definitely gets a channel here, but to be honest, we think Aini’s performance is more outrageous than Mila and Natalie. A black ballet skirt can be so much more awesome than a pink one, and we’re glad this sweet kid understands that.

Aura Heidi brings this Swiss mountain girl to life, (“from a foreign land”, as she puts it) against a navy blue and white background.

Advertising for the spring market, Ainini once again gave us great envy with her finesse in loose-fitting jeans and a neutral button-down shirt paired with bold-colored socks.

We’re starting to get a little hung up on Ainini’s sock playing, but she looks really really cute in ballet shoes too! The black ballet skirt is definitely her dark side, and the bright side is her fairy tale look.

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