Grandpa who sells goat satay waits for customers to fall asleep, trade is quiet all day – 1NEWS

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In the midst of going viral on social media, a video shows a grandfather who sells soup and goat satay waiting for his deserted merchandise.

Reporting from a video uploaded by TikTok user @tianita090393 on Thursday (2/9), the grandfather of the goat soup and satay seller seemed to be sleeping in a sitting position because no buyers had stopped by.

According to the video uploader, the grandpa’s street stall satay is a customer of her husband since they didn’t know him.

However, now Grandpa’s stall is deserted due to the ongoing pandemic. The buyers began to decrease until every night the grandfather had to be willing to wait until he fell asleep.

“It’s a pity that his father got sleepy, so there was my husband’s subscription place before he knew me. My husband also said that since COVID-19, your shop has become quiet,” wrote the video uploader in the caption column.

After a few seconds of observing the sleeping grandfather, the video uploader approached the shop intending to buy the grandfather’s merchandise.

Grandpa who had been lulled in his sleep was shocked and rushed to prepare the buyer’s order.

However, in the video, the happy expression of the grandfather’s arrival of buyers became the center of attention for netizens.

“It really hurts to see his father’s smile,” said one netizen.

“I immediately cried when I saw his father looked really tired,” said another netizen.

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