Is it okay for the bride and groom to have multiple prayers at the reception?

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ACCURATE.CO When a married couple has just officially become a halal couple, a reception is usually held, which takes a lot of time. Plus, for the bride, she has to keep her make-up from being exposed to water so it doesn’t fade.

Therefore, he must keep himself from being exposed to water, including ablution water. In addition, they also have to respect the many invited guests who are present to give wedding congratulations. It’s not good that they will leave a lot of guests every time prayer arrives. Unless the conditions allow it.

Then what about this bridal prayer, is it permissible for them to perform multiple prayers on the grounds that they are busy honoring guests, or because they keep their make-up from fading in the water?

Quoting NU Online, Imam Ibn Sirrin, al-Qaffal and Abu Ishaq al-Marwazy allow plural prayers even though they are at home due to very busy conditions and this plural does not become a habit.

For example, the plural of prayers for newlyweds who are undergoing Walimatul Arusy and always receive guests. As explained in Syarah Muslim lin Nawawi

اعة الأئمة الى از الجمع الحاضر للحاجة لمن لا ادة ل ابن اب الك اه ا ا ا ا

Meaning: “A number of imams are of the opinion that it is permissible to make multiple prayers at home because there is a need for people who do not make it a habit. This is the opinion of Ibn Sirrin, Ashhab, a follower of Imam Malik, al-Qaffal. As-Syasyi al-Kabir from among the as-Shafi’i and Abu Ishaq al-Marwazi from among the people of hadith. As chosen by Ibn Mundhir.”

Islam is a solution religion. Its existence does not burden its people. So, always provide the best alternatives when the people have not been able to perform the worship ordered by the Shari’a properly.

For the bride and groom who is doing walimah, it is allowed to have multiple prayers, because of the age. After all, the reception is not an activity that has become a habit. So it is permissible for them to pluralize their prayers, after the walimah event is over and finished. Wallahu A’lam.[]


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