Ivan Gunawan Gets IDR 500 Million from Deddy Corbuzier: Build a Mosque!

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Ivan Gunawan has successfully lost 24 kg of weight.  (Instagram/ivan_gunawan)

1NEWS – Ivan Gunawan successfully answered Deddy Corbuzier’s challenge to diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Most recently, Igun succeeded in losing weight to 25 kilograms.

As a reward, Ivan Gunawan received Rp 500 million in cash from his best friend. Igun said that the money would be used to build a mosque.

Ivan Gunawan has successfully lost 24 kg of weight. (Instagram/ivan_gunawan)

“I want to go to Garut, you pray for me. I want to see the land. This mosque is called a combination of our names, masters,” said Ivan Gunawan on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube account on Saturday (! 11/9/2021).

“He always wanted to build a mosque,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

Ivan Gunawan [YouTube : Deddy Corbuzier]
Ivan Gunawan [YouTube : Deddy Corbuzier]

So this Brownis host makes sure not to take the money for personal use. Ivan Gunawan steadied himself and said that the money was for charity.

“This belongs to the community. I want to build it in Garut. My partner baso aci bought a thousand meters of land. He wants to donate it to a mosque and Al-Quran school,” explained Ivan Gunawan.

“So I want to take the mosque, the land is 300 meters. So the mosque and the marbot’s house are behind it,” he continued.

Friendship Portrait of Deddy Corbuzier and Ivan Gunawan (Instagram/@ootd_trans7)
Friendship Portrait of Deddy Corbuzier and Ivan Gunawan (Instagram/@ootd_trans7)

Igun, his greeting, hopes that the mosque can become one of the icons in Garut.

“I’ve been looking for inspiration. I don’t know what the name of the mosque is. I want it to be white, minimalist. I want people in transit in Garut to pray at our mosque. Our mosque is open 24 hours,” said Ivan Gunawan.

Deddy Corbuzier also said that the money he gave was not the result of a bet.

“This is not betting money. This is a challenge,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

“I don’t like asking. So I take advantage of a gift with an account of working (like dieting),” concluded Ivan Gunawan.


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