Ivan Gunawan will use IDR 500 million from Deddy Corbuzier to build a mosque

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Ivan Gunawan Bakal Gunakan Uang Rp 500 Juta dari Deddy Corbuzier untuk Bangun Masjid

Successfully losing 24 kg of weight, Ivan Gunawan finally officially got Rp500 million from Deddy Corbuzier.

When he came to Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, Ivan brought a suitcase containing Rp 500 million which was still tightly locked.

At that meeting, Deddy then packed a suitcase, so the Rp 500 one month officially became Ivan Gunawan’s mother.

According to Ivan, he will use the money to build a mosque in Garut, West Java.

“So tomorrow Sunday, I want to go to Garut, you pray for me,” said Ivan Gunawan as quoted kompas.com from kanаӏ оυtυЬе Deddy Corbuzier, SаЬtυ (11/9/2021).

Igun, Ivan Gunawan’s nickname, admitted that he would play a role in the land that has been represented by his work partner in Baso Aci Maigun.

“From the results of the baso aci tυ, yesterday а was able to buy 1,000 meters of land. So he’s mawaqaf without it being meant to make an A-Quran school and school,” said Igun.

The plan is that Ivan Gunawan will use 300 meters of the waqf land to build a mosque.

Even if he wants to spend 500 million, his hard work to lose weight will be designed in a minimalist style.

Igun wants the mosque to be a transit destination for the public when going to Gагυt.

“I like this, if a person transits to Garut, he wants stop by for the moment when we die, cool isn’t it?” said Igun.

He also plans to keep his mouth closed for 24 hours. Not to forget, Igun will also ensure the welfare of the marbot by providing a dead back.

“I built the marbot’s house at the end of the day, the mosque’s administrator. Jаԁі s guard, cleaner-егѕіһ, we put everything in management. So the mosque is always clean, well-maintained,” said Igun.

As for the moment, Igun will also provide food by opening a mysterious place of Al-Quran.

“So I can make people learn the Koran too,” he said.

Even though the plan is ready, Igun admits that he is still confused about the name of the mosque.

He wanted the name of the mother to have this name of himself and Deddy Corbuzier.

For this, Igun asked Deddy to think of the right name for the game to be built.

“Gυе has been looking for Inѕрігаѕі, but I don’t know the name of the mosque, ара. So you think about it,” said Igun аԁа Deddy Corbuzier.

Sources: kompas.com

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