Lesti Kejora Uploads a Photo of a Kiss with Rizky Billar, Netizen Nyinyir: Not ashamed of her hijab?

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Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar (Instagram/rizkybillar)

Lesti Kejora has just shared an intimate photo with her husband, Rizky Billar. Unmitigated, the photo also shows the two of them kissing.

“My husband and I finished the holiday yesterday,” wrote Lesti Kejora on Instagram, Friday (10/9/2021), quoted from sound.com.

The post was immediately liked by more than one million Instagram users. However, some of them mentioned that the photo was related to the hijab of the singer.

“What should be a public photo, huh? Hahaha, for the bride and groom, it doesn’t seem like it’s the right time. The veiled photo poses so that it’s with my husband too,” said @tiarraswn.

“Not ashamed of the hijab? You know it’s legal in God’s eyes, it’s just not pleasing to the eye. At first I liked the song, the simplicity. But now how come I’m lazy, I’m not a role model anymore,” explained @rachmaalmahyra.

“I’m sorry, Muslim brother, right? Even though it’s halal, it’s very inappropriate to post like this, let alone wearing a hijab,” said @arkasyra11.

“Shouldn’t you share a kiss like this on social media? I’m sorry, a lot of kids saw it.

Even so, there are also those who defend the singer regarding the photo.

“The one who kisses like this, the male wife is protesting, don’t be too indulgent, right, Muslims. It’s the turn of the other couple that’s not halal, kissing, uh gemesh. What’s the problem? Don’t be jealous,” said @ica_alicee.

“Everything Lesti did was wrong to bring religion. Sometimes it’s funny when people comment on other people. Not necessarily the reward is more,” wrote @hamidahsyarifuddin.

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“There are also many who are experts in heaven. They don’t like to just skip, they are happy who made it, if they are not happy, that’s fine,” said @leslarlovers_padang_real.

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