Like to Eat Sweet Foods? It’s legal, this is a doctor’s advice so that your cholesterol remains stable Beauty!

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Like to Eat Sweet Foods?  It's legal, this is a doctor's advice so that your cholesterol remains stable Beauty!

Illustration of ice cream with biscuits. (Unsplash/Edited by 1NEWS)

Who is it? no like sweet food? Hey you will like it too right, Beauty?

Even so, you should still be careful, huh beauty, because the effect can increase the risk of high cholesterol which can cause metabolic disease.

Quoted from the page clickdoctor, dr. Melyarna Putri said that the habit of eating sweet foods can cause long-term diseases that are detrimental to the body. It also affects cholesterol levels in the blood, Hey Beauty!

So, does that mean people who have high cholesterol can’t eat sweets?

said dr. Melyarna, actually sweet foods can still be enjoyed by people with high cholesterol though. But remember, there is a trick to enjoy it.

“If you still want to eat sweet foods or drinks but your cholesterol and triglycerides are still good, use special sugar for diabetics which is now widely sold in the market. This type of sugar does not contain high sugar content, so it is still safe for consumption,” he explained.

In addition, he said, try to avoid foods high in cholesterol to avoid spikes in cholesterol and blood sugar, which have the potential to cause metabolic diseases.

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now remember ya, Beauty, eating sweet food is legal why not, as long as the intake must be controlled. Come on, love yourself by adjusting your diet to be healthier!


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