Madura United vs PSM Makassar Results: Agree to Draw for the First Time in Five Years!

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Madura United vs PSM Makassar Results: Agree to Draw for the First Time in Five Years! – After five years and 10 head-to-heads, Madura United and PSM Makassar finally agreed for the first time to end the fight with a draw on Sunday night (12/9). Ilham Udin’s goal was equalized by Rafael Silva.

Madura United and PSM Makassar are old rivals who have met each other 10 times in history, spanning since July 2016. In those 10 head-to-heads, none of them ended in a draw. All of them either for the victory of Laskar Sappe Kerab or Juku Spell.

The last time the two teams met in Liga 1 was in October 2019, when the team from South Sulawesi won 1-0 over their rivals, but actually Sappe Kerab managed to record three wins from their last five matches before tonight.

Both goals from both teams this Sunday night came in a similar scenario. It starts with a crossing and ends with an attack on the opponent’s goal. PSM took the lead through a first-time kick by the player who has the nickname Ilham Udin, utilizing an assist in the form of a crossing from Wiljan Pluim.

Meanwhile, United responded with a first-time header from Rafael Silva. Both goals nestled in the lower left corner of the opponent’s goal. Goalkeepers Muhammad Ridho and Syaiful were both late in realizing the presence of the ball. The coaches of both teams made three substitutions midway through the second half, but failed to score any additional goals.

With this result, both teams failed to move from the bottom of the Indonesian League 1 standings. PSM Makassar ranks 11th, while Madura United is in 13th position, from the results of two draws with the same goal difference 2-2.

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