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North Korea is known to be very close to the outside world. So not many know for sure what is happening there, except for the local media. However, the information that is currently being discussed is when Kim Jong Un “temporarily disappeared” from the political stage and reappeared with a thinner body condition.

Her appearance that changed drastically, spontaneously became the spotlight of many media. Not a few rumors are also trying to uncover the facts behind Kim’s body that looks slimmer than before. What are the facts like? Read on in full in this article.

Kim Jong Un’s latest appearance makes people shocked

The 38-year-old was recently spotted appearing in a propaganda broadcast. Kim Jong Un looks thinner than usual. Even NK News highlighted the watch Kim was wearing, the strap was tied tighter. The rest of the band looks longer than before.

Kim Jong-un before getting sick (left). Most recent appearance (right) [sumber gambar]

He wore a white shirt which looked looser and his skin looked looser, especially around the neck. During a Youth Day celebration in Pyongyang, Kim was seen passing a stand filled with hundreds of schoolchildren. During the celebration, she looked slimmer than before.

North Koreans cry seeing Kim’s latest condition

Since the change in his appearance, North Koreans have not only been shocked, but saddened to tears watching their president look thinner. But the problem of Kim’s weight is not only in the spotlight of North Koreans, but also internationally.

A TV broadcast in North Korea features Kim Jong-un’s latest appearance [sumber gambar]

However, the North Korean government itself has regulations regarding the prohibition for anyone to gossip about the supreme leader of North Korea. Likewise, the news there is also under strict supervision.

Long time no see, Kim Jong Un was rumored to be dead

This leader always looks identical with his short hair style, glasses, chubby cheeks, and stocky body. Even Kim’s weight had reached 140 kilograms in November 2020.

Rumors of the death of Kim Jong-un make a scene [sumber gambar]

Had not appeared to the public for a long time, sparking various speculations that Kim Jong Un had serious health problems. Moreover, his body weight dropped drastically. There were even rumors that said Kim had died. But he dismissed the rumors by reappearing to the public, even though his body was thinner than before.

The mystery of the plaster on the back of Kim Jong Un’s head

When Kim attended a series of military parades and meetings with veterans at the end of last July, these signs began to appear for the first time. Kim covered it with plaster the same color as her skin.

Plaster stuck to the back of Kim Jong-un’s head [sumber gambar]

But apparently this is not the first time. In May last year, he covered the same mark, but not on his head, but on his wrists. Medical experts also say if the marks appear due to the use of needles used in the process of heart surgery.

The facts and speculations released by the North Korean media

The beginning of the emergence of speculation about Kim’s health was known after photos of him looking thinner after losing about 44 pounds. The local government tried to suppress the speculation circulating, but apparently failed. Especially after the international media highlighted her skinnier appearance.

North Korean officials forbid citizens to talk about Kim Jong-un’s skinny appearance [sumber gambar]

Although speculation about Kim Jong Un’s declining health is increasingly widespread, the North Korean media have responded casually. Local government authorities say if Kim eats less to keep the food crisis engulfing the country. In addition, the condition of the body that is too fat can be harmful to health.

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Although famous for his dictatorial leadership style, Kim Jong Un is still loved by his own people. Kim’s skinny appearance spontaneously made North Koreans surprised and felt pity. But, it’s still a mystery until now, what caused Kim’s drastic weight loss?

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