Marry Turkish Caucasians, 10 Beautiful Portraits of Siti KDI Now | 1NEWS

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Dream – For those of you who love dangdut music, you are certainly no stranger to the figure of Siti Rahmawati or better known as Siti KDI. Siti is a dangdut singer who graduated from the KDI talent show in 2004. Siti’s victory in the event, made her name widely known by the public.

Unfortunately, now Siti no longer lives in Indonesia. Since marrying a Turkish Caucasian, Cem Junet Perk in 2011, this beautiful swordsman has decided to move and settle in Turkey following her husband.

During her stay in Turkey, Siti’s style and appearance has changed a lot. Now Siti looks more beautiful and elegant. Curious as to what is the difference between Siti’s style before and now, which is more beautiful? Check out the photo below!

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