New Positive Cases of Covid-19 Per 12 September 2021 3,779, Quite Low | 1NEWS

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The number of additional cases is decreasing.

Dream – The addition of Covid-19 cases continues to show decreasing numbers. Today it’s even under 5,000.

Data on As of September 12, 2021, new Covid-19 cases were reported to have increased by 3,779 cases. The total number is now 4,167,511 cases

Today’s active case data is reduced by 5,810 cases. Patients who are still under treatment are now 109,869 cases.

The cure rate increased by 9,401 cases. The number of those who have been declared recovered from Covid-19 has now become 3,918,753 cases.

Meanwhile, the death toll increased by 188 cases. The total number of deaths to date is 138,889 cases.

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Vaccination Achievements

The achievement of the first dose of vaccination on the day was 517,475 people. All recipients of dose one are now 72,766,195 people.

The second dose of vaccination today increased by 200,394 people. The total number is 41,734,734 people.

While the third dose of vaccination today increased by 3,105 people. The total is now 778,830 people.

Covid-19 data© Covid-19 Task Force

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