No less productive, companies must provide opportunities for people with disabilities | 1NEWS

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Program Empowering Communities of Persons with Disabilities

At the launch of PermataBrave 2021, entitled “Empowering #WithHeart”, Special Staff for the President for Social Affairs, Angkie Yudistia, said that the government cannot walk alone to solve this problem.

“We from the government also need to be assisted by the private sector, institutions, communities, or others so that we can go towards an inclusive Indonesia,” said Angkie.

To that end, PermataBank launched a program to empower people with disabilities through PermataBrave 2021. This program consists of mental development, financial literacy education, and an entrepreneurship module for people with disabilities.

In collaboration with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Thisable, and Precious One, Chalit Tayjansanant as President Director of PermataBank hopes that this program can help friends with disabilities to focus on developing their abilities.

(Report: Elyzabeth Yulivia)

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