Once Married a Doll, This Man Is Now In Love With an Ashtray!

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The man who used to make a scene by marrying a sex doll is now back in the spotlight. He recently claimed to have fallen in love with an ashtray he met at a nightclub.

Launching from the Mirror page, the man named Yuri Tolochko admitted to parting with his sex doll “wife” named Margo and is now building a new life with an ashtray.

Yuri was captivated by a large black ashtray that she met during a photo shoot at a nightclub. Through Instagram, he hopes to be closer to his idol.

“At first I just did a photo shoot with him. But then he started to interest me,” said Yuri Tolochko as reported by the Mirror.

Yuri said, he was so fond of this ashtray. He wanted to keep kissing and touching the ashtray. He admitted that the touch and smell of the ashtray made him lulled.

“I want to touch him again, kiss him. I love its brutal, metallic touch on my skin. This is really brutal,” continued the man from Kazakhstan.

Another thing that attracted Yuri to the black ashtray was the fact that it had many stories to tell during its time in the nightclub. Where he is considered to have helped many people.

“I also that he has a story. That he is nothing new. That he has served many people and continues to serve them,” Yuri said.

Furthermore, Yuri identified himself as pansexual. He can fall in love with characters, images, souls, and objects. He felt that an object always lived if it was near it.

“I have a special passion for objects. They always live for me. It’s certainly not the same as someone, it’s a completely different feeling,” Yuri explained.

“It’s similar to how a violinist can love his 300-year-old violin,” continued the man from Kazakhstan.

Yuri Tolochko previously married Margo in November 2020. Yuri’s wedding with the sex doll of her choice was held traditionally.

However, they later split up because Margo was broken and had to be repaired. Yuri who feels lonely finally turns her love away with another object in the form of silver which she calls a mask. Until finally, at this time he admitted that he was in love with an ashtray.

Yuri’s confession immediately made netizens excited. Many netizens finally disagreed with Yuri. What do you think?

source: sound.com

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