Pandemic Hits, Industrial Estate Management Companies Rely on Digitalization

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Pandemic Hits, Industrial Estate Management Companies Rely on Digitalization - Photo 1

ACCURATE.CO President Director of PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung, Landi Rizaldi Mangaweang said PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP) was racking his brains to keep business trends positive during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Including to show the company’s competitiveness to be more competitive.

“So that PT JIEP can continue to give its best contribution to the pace of economic growth of the nation and state through the development of the Industrial Estate sector. We would like to thank the Governor of DKI Jakarta, DKI Provincial Government and BP BUMD as shareholders of PT JIEP for the support and trust given to us so far. We are very grateful for JIEP’s achievements in the 2021 TOP BUMD Award event, of course this is a motivation for all JIEP people starting from the Commissioners, Directors, and Employees to be able to work harder,” said Rizaldi in an official statement, Sunday (12/9/2021). ).

Meanwhile, the Finance Director of PT JIEP, Arief Adhi Sanjaya claimed that even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the management of PT JIEP did not stop innovating so that the company’s business continued to run optimally and as much as possible to provide the best service to all stakeholders.

“In a time of pandemic like today, every corporation is required to make continuous innovations for business continuity. Since the pandemic broke out in the country, the management of PT JIEP has made several innovations in the form of digitizing business processes and shifting business from the previous Industrial Estate Low Added Value become an integrated industrial estate developer that High Added Value through future business initiatives such as the Remasterplan and the development of Industrial Estates outside the capital city of DKI Jakarta,” he explained.

For information, PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung or PT JIEP is a limited liability company owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta with a share ownership of 50% each. PT JIEP is the first Industrial Estate management company in Indonesia, which was initially tasked with providing Industrial Plots (TKI) and all well-organized industrial facilities for investors who will invest in the industrial sector. manufacturing.

In further developments and in accordance with market demands, PT JIEP carries out diversification as well as business expansion by gradually building rental buildings such as Ready-to-Use Factory Buildings (BPSP) 1 to 4 floors, Warehousing (closed and open), Transit Warehouse, Retail Business Service Management, Total Logistics Solution, and other supporting buildings. This is done as an effort to better ensure the survival of the company in the future.

Another proud achievement was made by the management of PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP), on Friday (10/9) at the Dian Ballroom, 11th Floor of the Raffles Hotel Jakarta, the management of JIEP was awarded 3 prestigious awards in the TOP BUMD Award 2021 organized by the magazine Top Business in collaboration with the Regional Autonomy Institute (i-OTDA). In the event, JIEP won their respective awards for the category of Top CEO of BUMD 2021 – Landi Rizaldi Mangaweang, TOP BUMD 2021 for Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic – Arief Adhi Sanjaya as Director of Finance, & Top BUMD Awards in the field of Multi-Star Enterprises BUMD 4.[]


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