Pendam Dreams of Studying Abroad, Dian Sastro Funds Education for Underprivileged Children | 1NEWS

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Opening Dian Scholarship

“But after that I got married, I had children, there was nothing. In the end, it’s okay, there must be a lot of little Dians in the village whose dreams are not far away. They just want to go to a state university, but they don’t have the money. Why don’t they use it? my real savings save up for myself, yes for the little Dian,” said Dian.

Dian Sastrowardoyo (Photo: Muhammad Akrom Sukarya/© Dian Sastrowardoyo (Photo: Muhammad Akrom Sukarya/

Dian then decided to open the Dian Scholarship Program. However, his financial ability at that time was only able to take two to three foster children per year.

“I’m a college student, this is the son of a construction worker who won the class. The children are women who sell cat rice, which basically only has one determination, I just want to work in an office so that mom doesn’t have to sell cat rice again every night,” said Maulana Indraguna Sutowo’s wife.

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