PITY !!! CHILDREN of junior high school surrendered to 4 drunken youths. . .

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The tragedy was experienced by HR (15) and EO (14), students of one of the Junior High Schools (SMP) in Nganjuk Regency, East Java. The two minors were raped by four drunken youths on Sunday (11/8/2021).

The four youths are WS (20) from Loceret District, MN (24) from Pace District, DE and DK. Currently, WS, MN and DE have been detained at the Nganjuk Police Headquarters, while DK is still on a wanted list (DPO).

“WS and MN were caught last Monday, for DE last night they were arrested. All three were arrested at their respective homes,” explained the Head of Criminal Investigation at the Nganjuk Police, Iptu Nikolas Bagas Yudhi Kurnia to SuaraJatim.id, Tuesday (10/11/2021).

This case of sexual intercourse with a minor began with the introduction of EO with the suspect WS on social media Facebook. The two of them then made an appointment to meet at WS’s house on Sunday (8/11/2021) afternoon.

After that, EO invited his best friend, HR, to visit WS’s house on a motorbike. Arriving at WS’s house, it turned out that there were already three other youths. The young man was partying liquor (alcohol).

“At that time, there were 3 other people at WS’s house, namely MN, DE and DK who were drinking Javanese wine,” said the Head of the Public Relations Subsection of the Nganjuk Police, Iptu Rony Yunimantara to SuaraJatim.id.

Well, in the middle of the alcohol party, EO was invited to have sex by MN, while HR was rotated by WS, DE and DK. After the action, MN, DE and DK left the WS house. Even the victims who went straight to their respective homes.

When they got home, the two victims complained to their parents. Of course, the parents of the victim did not accept it, so they reported the case to the Loceret Police Headquarters. Recently, this case has been transferred to the PPA Unit of the Nganjuk Police.

The four perpetrators are threatened with Article 81 paragraph 1 of Law No. 23 of 2002 on the Republic of Indonesia as amended into Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 35 of 2014 concerning child protection, and Law No. 17 of 2016 concerning the stipulation of Perpu No. 1 of 2016


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