Seriously! Viral Husband Cheating with High School Nephew, Wife: Depraved

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Seriously!  Viral Husband Cheating with High School Nephew, Wife: Depraved

Illustration of Infidelity (iStock/Edited by 1NEWS)

Circulating a 45-second video showing a husband who is busy having an affair with his own nephew. The video was allegedly uploaded by his wife and republished by the gossip account @lambeturah_Oifficial on Instagram.

In the description, the recorder said that the perpetrator was a teenager who was still in high school.

The affair was caught after this woman’s husband and niece left one of the hotels.

“These are the moments when I was caught leaving the hotel and being chased until the pom. It’s really lewd that a nephew who is taken care of, treated like a biological child turns out to be sleeping with his uncle. The child still smells of kencur, still sitting in high school,” wrote the video maker, quoted on Sunday. (12/9).

The upload was immediately bombarded with scathing comments from netizens. Many do not think that a nephew has the heart to do this with his own uncle.

“Oh my gosh…” he wrote.

“Aren’t you amused by your own uncle,” said @lalajaila.

“Seriously, is there something like this? I thought we were shooting a doom movie, it’s really sad,” said @adoreparfum.

“I think the aunt is biological with him.. but the uncle doesn’t.. so it’s not muhrim,” explained @tiffanyhenvita.

“Maybe it’s the uncle who teases him every day. High school kids are still unstable. If the uncle isn’t itchy, nothing will happen,” added @dindaday12.

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“Oh, I think it’s only in Tipi Tipi!! It doesn’t even exist in a true story,” added @ferdian_fm.


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