Shin Tae-yong Surprised that Indonesian National Team Players Get Satisfied | 1NEWS

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Assistant coach of the Indonesian national team, Nova Arianto, revealed the big question for the coach of the Indonesian national team, Shin Tae-yong. Where for Shin Tae-yong why Indonesian players already feel satisfied.

This was explained by Nova through his personal Instagram @novarianto30. Where Nova writes why Indonesian players never want to force them to exceed their limits.

“Why can’t Indonesian players force themselves to exceed their limits? That’s the big question from our head coach,” wrote Nova on her personal Instagram account, @novarianto30.

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“As ex-players, maybe when we play we don’t feel it. But when we become coaches, we only realize and know what the current weaknesses of the players are,” added Nova.

This is also a big challenge for him in the coaching staff of the Indonesian national team. Where he wants to change the mental and mindset of Indonesian national team players.

“We, the coaching staff, will try to change the mentality of the players even though it won’t be easy. Because, it has become a habit and hopefully over time players can change their mindset to work harder, “said Nova.

“The experience we get will make us evaluate to improve so that in the future it can be even better,” concluded the former Persib Bandung gatekeeper.


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