Talking about the nature of women about taking care of children. Still Reaping Pros and Cons!

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Isn’t there 4 natures of women, namely menstruation (menstruation), pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. When it comes to taking care of and educating children, it’s not the responsibility of the two of you with your husband, right?

Being a woman who already holds the status of a wife or a mother certainly has a different task. In the past, before marriage, she only prioritized herself, now it is different because there is a husband who can be invited to cooperate in taking care of children. However, until now there may still be many pros and cons if it is a wife who is in charge of taking care of everything in the household, including educating children. The husband’s job is to make a living.

Basically, married people have to do everything together, including educating children. Unfortunately, many still think that it is the nature of women to take care of children, cook, tidy up the house, wash clothes and other household hygiene matters. From the beginning, I always thought that my husband’s job was just to make money. In fact, the nature of women is not always as mentioned earlier.

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The real nature of women is only 4. It needs to be emphasized so that there are no pros and cons

There are only 4 true natures of women, namely menses (menstruation), pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Beyond that all men can do. In the household, there is nothing wrong with a husband educating children, helping with cooking, especially when the wife is having trouble taking care of the little one, and other tasks that are usually done by the wife. It is obligatory if the affairs in the household must be completed together.

There may still be many assumptions that women must be able to cook so that their husbands feel at home, women must be able to clean the house so that their husbands are comfortable when they come home from work, women must be good at taking care of themselves so that their husbands don’t glance at other women, women must like this women can do everything without thinking about the true nature of women.

If everyone could be more open-minded, actually cooking, washing clothes, feeding children, cleaning the house not only have to be done by a wife. It can be done alternately. When someone decides to get married, this means that everything has to be done together. The nature of women is not cooking, cleaning the house, making sure the house is clean. However, the true nature of women is as mentioned above, namely, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Apart from that, husband and wife can do it.

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Educating children is not only the duty of a wife even though the child’s first school is the mother

Choosing a wife is not enough to rely on appearance because the most important thing is her ability later when educating children. This does not mean that the affairs of educating children are left 100% to the wife. The husband’s role in educating children is also very important. The thing to remember is that educating children is also not the nature of a wife. Everything must be done together, making children also together, the turn to take care of is only left to one. Isn’t it true, Moms, Dads?

The role of women in the household until now is still a pro and con. Some husbands may agree that having a wife who can cook is not mandatory, but there are also husbands who require his wife to be able to cook because it is the nature of the wife to be able to cook for her husband. It is better if this matter needs to be disseminated if the true nature of women is to be able to menstruate, get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed.

I hope many people will understand more about this. Given that marriage is everything to be done together. All problems and decisions must be resolved together. Including educating children there must be a role for both because it is very important for the development of children in the future.

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