Taqy Malik’s father was reported to the police for sexual misconduct

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Marlina, the wife of Taqy Malik's father, photo: Youtube

Shocking news from Taqy Malik’s family. The reason is that his wife reported to the police for the case of sexual irregularities he experienced.

Mansyardin Malik, Taqy Malik’s father, is suspected of sexually deviating from Marlina, a woman who claims to be his siri wife.

The 34-year-old woman claims to have been forced to have sexual intercourse with an unnatural condition that caused serious injuries to her genitals.

“There is damage from our client’s post-mortem. There is very significant damage on the back, up to stage 4,” said Marlina’s attorney, Eri Kartanegara in the Senopati area, South Jakarta, Sunday 12 September 2021.

Marlina, the wife of Taqy Malik’s father, photo: Youtube

Reporting from the Hitz Infotaiment page, Marlina said she only found out about the deviation after two weeks of marriage. At that time she was repeatedly asked to have sex even though she was menstruating.

“I already said I don’t want to, he said it’s okay. They say that in religion, some scholars allow and forbid, but he forced it on me, “said Marlina.

Suspected sexual perversion

Taqy Malik's father photo: Screen Shoot
Taqy Malik’s father photo: Screen Shoot

Her sister, Fanca, who was also present at the press conference, was also emotional. The reason is, in the two months of her sister’s marriage to Mansyardin Malik, six times her sister was forced to serve her husband while menstruating by having sex from behind.

“A wife with menstruation, she is sexually deviant, this is already inhumane,” said Fanca.

Therefore, Marlina had left Mansyardin Malik for more than a week and fled to her sister’s place to complain and do the post-mortem.

His divorce requests were always rejected, so he finally hired a lawyer to follow up on this.

“I’ve been separated for a week, actually before that I was (separated). But he begged, okay, let’s make it up, it turns out he did it again, he didn’t want to divorce me, I wasn’t strong anymore, I didn’t want (anal sex),” Marlina said slowly.

Marlina could not contact the family concerned because they have not been introduced since their marriage occurred on 19 July. Therefore, through his attorney, he wants the problem to be resolved quickly and a divorce.

“He asked for a divorce, because our client is physically and psychologically disturbed, because there is an assumption that her husband has an abnormality in bed. He is no longer able to live together, so we request that the person concerned divorces, and does not rule out the possibility that legal action will be taken in the future,” said Agustinus Nahak, Marlina’s legal team.

Until this news was uploaded, Mansyardin Malik’s side had not yet spoken about Marlina’s accusations.

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