The Second TC Player of the Indonesian U-18 National Team Can Only Give Up | 1NEWS

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A number of players who participated in the second group of Indonesian U-18 national team training camps (TC) could only surrender if coach Shin Tae-yong did not call their names into the next program.

Tae-yong previously admitted that he was not too satisfied with the ability of the players who participated in the second group of TC. Compared to the participants in the first group, Tae-yong found the last TC participants unsatisfactory. Not only in terms of posture, but also the ability of the players.

The South Korean coach will propose several more names to join the third group TC next week. TC is scheduled to start, Monday (13/9).

One of the participants in the second group of TC, Ronaldo Kwateh, revealed that he still had hope of being called back at the next stage. If ultimately not called, Ronaldo does not want to be discouraged.

“For the opportunities, the important thing is that I give my best. For the matter of being selected or not, I leave it to the coaching team, and hopefully I can be selected for this team. I will continue to train consistently so that my motivation is achieved,” Ronaldo said, quoted on the PSSI official website.

“For the rest of my friends, I can only say that you have to keep practicing, and you have to be even more enthusiastic. See you againt.”

The 16-year-old Madura United player added that he had gained new experience while being coached by Tae-yong. According to him, the training program provided is quite different compared to the club.

“I am grateful to have been called and trusted by coach Shin to carry out the training camp. I learned a lot from him. Starting from the control and passing of the ball, it has been considered in detail and carefully, as well as from a physical point of view,” said Ronaldo.

“The first day we were given physical material, it was quite heavy. Three days in a row there is also an internal game, just today (yesterday) recovery. Yes, quite different.”

Not much different statement delivered by Edgard Amping. This PSM Makassar employee assesses the difference he feels is only a slight difference. Like Ronaldo, Edgard also hopes to be called Tae-yong again.

“There’s not much of a comparison. [Perbedaannya] Just more strict and disciplined here. We are advised not to give up. What you get during TC is not to give up quickly, keep working hard in the field, and try your best,” said Edgard.

“Besides that, I can also play football at a different level here with other friends from various regions. Of course there is satisfaction in itself.”

“My motivation is definitely to want to be called back for this national team training, to be able to enter this squad and fight for the country. I’m very confident that I can make it to the national team.” (


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