The Three Main Players of Manchester United With Pay Below The UMR, Really Cheap! –

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The Three Main Players of Manchester United With Pay Below The UMR, Really Cheap! – Manchester United is generally known as the club that is most generous in paying the salaries of their players. Their annual salary reportedly reaches Rp 4.66 trillion, plus now Cristiano Ronaldo gets paid Rp 7.6 billion per week.

The other highest paid players at the club are David de Gea (Rp 7.4 billion per week), Jadon Sancho (Rp 6.9 billion per week), Paul Pogba (Rp 5.7 billion per week), Anthony Martial (Rp. 4.9 billion per week), Edinson Cavani (Rp 4.9 billion per week), and Marcus Rashford (Rp 3.9 billion per week).

But apart from them, it turns out that there are main Manchester United players whose salaries are very sad, below the minimum wage, you could say, with their income like the earth and the sky with the names above. Here are three low-paid players at Old Trafford who it’s time to get a raise.

3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Signed from Crystal Palace for IDR 986 billion, Aaron Wan-Bissaka immediately became Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first-choice right-back and showed consistent performance throughout last season with his defensive ability almost unmatched, even though his crossing skills were still poor.

Unfortunately, as a regular player in Manchester United’s starting XI, Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s salary is arguably still below the minimum wage because he only gets paid Rp 1.78 billion per week. It’s far from other regular players, and even his salary is still lower than Alex Telles, who is only Luke Shaw’s backup.

2. Mason Greenwood

Arguably the most deserving of a pay raise. In the first three games of Manchester United this season, Mason Greenwood was their best player with three goals from three consecutive games. He continued his excellent form from the previous two seasons.

At just 19 years old, he has played for the club in 109 appearances scoring 32 goals and although his contract is still until 2025, he deserves a new contract and a raise as his current salary is only IDR 1.48 billion per week.

1. Scott McTominay

Coming from the club’s academy, Scott McTominay has an extraordinary fighting spirit to defend the banner of pride The Red Devils, been a regular choice since the Jose Mourinho era and continues to this day under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Unfortunately he has been underappreciated since making his debut in 2017 with his current salary of only IDR 394 million per week! Just like Mason Greenwood, his contract is still until 2025 but he certainly deserves a new contract and a raise.

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