This Man Takes UFO Photos While Landing in Mysterious Cave – 1NEWS

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1NEWS/ Man Takes Photos of UFOs While Landing in Mysterious Caves

In the history of UFOlogy, there have been several cases of alleged encounters with extraterrestrials, and those who claim to have contacted them are known as “contactees.” We cannot deny the fact that UFOs are real, while the existence of aliens is still being questioned. The case of Mexican photographer Carlos Diaz is considered one of those UFO stories where witnesses not only encounter UFOs but even take photos of them.
In January 1981, Carlos Diaz Martinez was waiting for a journalist in Ajusco Park near Mexico City while he was doing an assessment for several magazines. It was morning, he was in his car, preparing his camera for his work. While Carlos was expecting to see reporters, he looked out the window and suddenly, his attention was caught by a strange yellow light in the sky, coming from the valley.

At first, he thought it was a forest fire but as the object began to approach him, he saw a large, orange, oval-shaped UFO. Luckily, Diaz had her camera ready and was in the right place to take the photo. As he started taking pictures, the car started shaking violently.

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