Very Good News from East Java, Alhamdulillah

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1NEWS – The declining number of cases of the corona virus (covid-19) in East Java has made the occupancy rate, aka hotel occupancy, improve.

Currently, hotel occupancy in East Java is around 25 percent per day.

Previously, the hotel occupancy rate in East Java only reached 10-15 percent per day.

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“There has been an effect (the decline in PPKM levels), but it is not significant,” said East Java Chairperson of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), Dwi Cahyono, Saturday (11/9).

He explained that hotel occupancy in East Java increased on weekends. Occupancy during weekdays has not recovered.

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“Monday-Thursday there will be a drop. On weekends there is an increase, but the average occupancy rate is 20-25 percent,” said Dwi.

According to Dwi, the PPKM level is the main consideration for the community before booking a room.

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“They will seek information first. If it’s not safe, don’t travel,” said Dwi.


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