Who would have thought, these are 4 important roles of husbands in the process of breastfeeding their wives

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Breastfeeding is not only a mother’s job, the father’s role is no less important. Then, can the baby then breastfeed the father? No, that’s not what it means. What is meant is, the father’s role here is a role aimed at making mood his wife became good, so the milk production was smooth. Moms certainly know that breastfeeding that is not smooth often makes a mother feel stressed, right?

Every mother has different problems when breastfeeding. There are those whose breast milk is abundant, and not infrequently those whose milk only comes out a little. If you happen to be experiencing problems with insufficient breast milk, then you can take advantage of the role of Dads lo Moms. Some ordinary people may think that the role of the father has nothing to do with when his wife is breastfeeding. But that is a big mistake.

1.Give Moms a gentle oxytocin massage. When you feel relaxed, the milk will come out profusely so that milk production is abundant

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Every now and then Dads can massage the nape and back of Moms. This method is believed to increase blood flow so that you feel more relaxed. That way the milk also comes out more profusely because it feels comfortable. A comfortable body condition will also affect the production of breast milk.

2. Ensuring your nutrition is adequate. Nutritious food consumed by breastfeeding mothers will also be beneficial for the baby’s growth

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By paying attention to the food they eat, you will feel cared for. In this case, the role of Dads can help buy Mom’s favorite food which can later become mood booster so that breastfeeding is also smoother and the little one is happy.

3.Help and accompany Moms when breastfeeding. A husband who always accompanies his wife when breastfeeding is also able to increase milk production

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When a mother is breastfeeding, it is a moment me time with the little one. It will be more complete when the father also accompanies. You don’t need to accompany him every time you are going to breastfeed your little one, Dad, what you do is just accompany when you feel tired and stay up late to breastfeed your baby. Simple ways like that alone have made Moms feel helped.

4. Always give words of support. For mothers who are breastfeeding, the support of a husband is everything

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Dads must have heard that there are husbands out there who don’t support their wives in breastfeeding so that wives feel stressed because only a little milk comes out. Don’t do that, Dad. This is because the husband’s words and support are very important, especially when the wife is breastfeeding. Give him support so that his milk is also abundant so that he can provide milk for your little one.

Even though it’s considered trivial, it turns out mood Mothers who are breastfeeding also have an impact on breast milk. That is why breastfeeding mothers must always relax and not think too much so that the milk is also smooth. One way to mood Busui always under control is the role of a husband. For Dads out there, don’t forget to always make time for Moms who are breastfeeding, for example by giving a sweet surprise so that moodits always good. Hope it is useful!

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