Zoya Amirin Opens Up Men’s Anu: Like Fried Hot Dogs

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1NEWS – Sexologist Zoya Amirin M.Psi. FIAS bluntly explained the level of violence in men’s Anu.

Because, according to Zoya Amirin, the level of violence between men and women is different.

Zoya Amirin said that the first level of male violence is soft like tofu.

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The level of violence that makes a man’s anus has not functioned to make a partner comfortable.

“Second, it’s like a banana that has been peeled. However, that level has not been able to penetrate,” explained Zoya Amirin on the V Entertainment.id YouTube channel which aired July 26, 2021.

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According to him, a man’s third level of Anu is like a fried hot dog.

That level, male Anu is already standing straight, but can’t feel the peak pleasure yet.

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“The best is the fourth level, which is Cucumber,” he was quoted as saying by 1NEWS in a show entitled “Sexologist Zoya Amirin Has Been in Research,” Sunday (12/9).


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